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Davis Elementary

Welcome to Davis Elementary, a campus that empowers its students!

Our Mission Statement

"Davis Elementary provides equitable and inclusive opportunities through collaboration and
high-quality instruction to create independent life-long learners who grow into responsible,
respectable, and successful upstanding citizens."

At Dale B. Davis, we firmly believe that all of us (faculty and staff) are for all of them (our students and their families).  We are a learning community and a unified team that strives to advocate for each and every student.  Our interactions, activities, and programs aim to further a culture of excellence, partnership, creativity, and community.

We are a one-way bilingual coding academy and a Title 1 campus with a strong emphasis on mindfulness and self-regulation.  As of the fall of 2023, we also embrace participation in AVID , which stands for "Advancement Via Individual Determination."  Our implementation of the AVID framework equips students with life skills they will require through their educational and vocational journeys.  For the 2023-2024 school year, we will prioritize the AVID element of facilitating student organization through the use of planners and focused notetaking.  We cannot wait to see how our students benefit and grow as they develop their proficiency in these areas!



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Parent Night at Davis Elementary
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Parent Testimonial

Student Testimonial

As a teacher and mother I was excited to join the Davis community this year with my kindergartener, Charlie. Over this last year we have become welcomed members and I have seen Charlie blossom into a engaged inquisitive little person. She constantly tells me about her learning, teachers, and friends. She loves her school and constantly pretends to be one of her amazing educators to teach us what she learned that day. Seeing her make connections with all of her peers and teachers reassures the fact that we made the right choice to come to Davis Elementary. 

Kaci Gonzales, Parent & Staff Member

Davis is the best school in the world because teachers are kind. They always make me feel loved and safe. Principals are very nice and the students are too.

- Jaqueline C, 4th Grade Student